Saba Ecolodge | A Rainforest Sanctuary
Saba Ecolodge is an off the grid, self sustaining accommodation located on Mount Scenery in the middle of the tropical rainforest. You will have an absolutely unique and unforgettable experience.
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Welcome to the Saba Ecolodge, the highest tourist accommodations in the Dutch Kingdom at 1,826 feet above the Caribbean Sea. The hotel is situated in the rainforest at the base of the tropical cloud forest atop Mt. Scenery. We are at a cross roads for many of the island hiking trails and a short hike into Windwardside.

The individual off grid cabins, built in the traditional Saban style, are tucked into lush tropical greenery and terraced garden plots that support our garden to table Rainforest Restaurant. Each cabin has a double bed, solar lighting, and a full bath with composting toilet. Some cabins have a loft for extra sleeping accommodations.


You can arrive on the island from St. Maarten by boat, either the Edge or the Dawn II; or by Winair. Saba has the smallest commercial landing strip in the world! However you arrive, your taxi driver will drop you off at the top of the Mountain Road. From there it is a 3 minute walk past old hand built stone garden walls under the high canopy of the rainforest to the Reception/Restaurant area. If you arrive after dark, you will be glad you remembered your flashlight.

Our enthusiastic staff will offer you a cold beverage, get you checked in, help plan any activities, and help you get your bags up to your room. You will fall asleep with the cooling tropical breeze and the trilling of the tree frogs and awake to bird song.




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Feet high Mt. Scenery


Average Temperature

“Want to experience living in the jungle for a few days?``

``We stayed at the Ecolodge for 4 nights over Christmas, 2015. What an incredible experience! The rustic but clean huts, chilled out vibes, and causal laid back atmosphere were nicely juxtaposed against world-class dining.

The family style dinners the lodge puts on every Saturday night, by chef Keith, are the best meals we have had in the Caribbean....and that's saying a lot given that we have lived here for over a year now. Simple elegance is the best way to describe the dining room, and passing platters of slow roasted meat down the long tables, while sitting beside other parties opens up avenues for interesting conversations and connections with fellow travellers and locals alike that otherwise would not happen in a more typical restaurant setting with individual tables.

Keith and his wife Kathleen, along with their good friend Kelly, run the Ecolodge and all three, including the other staff and volunteers, were always very friendly and helpful. You felt more like a friend than a guest.

Kelly is a trained massage therapist and offers yoga classes for guests, and we would wake up in the morning to the sound of his gong reverberating through the rainforest. Building relationships and making friends seems to be top of Kelly's list of priorities and we had some great conversations with him.

Thanks again for an amazing stay, you guys. We will undoubtedly be back. We highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a low-key, authentic, relaxing jungle experience that gets you up close and personal with Saban culture and lifestyle.``

Silas J



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Saba is located 28 miles southwest of St. Maarten, reached by a short 12-minute flight on Windward Island Airways. Winair provides 5 easily scheduled connecting flights to and from St. Maarten each day. For more information on Winair (airline code WM), please visit their website at

Regularly scheduled international flights are offered to St. Maarten by the following airlines: American, Continental, US Airways, Air France, and KLM.

The EdgeFerry service is now running 5 days per week Wednesday through Sunday. Aqua Mania at Pelican Resort is the owner of the Edge and is also the host of many water sports activities in St. Maarten; check them out while you’re there. Make your reservations in advance by e-mail with Debbie or while in St. Maarten. The Edge ferry schedules do not allow for same day travel connections.

 The Edge departs Simpson Bay’s Pelican Marina at 9:00am Wednesday through Sunday arriving at Fort Bay (Saba) at approximately 10:30am, leaving from Saba (same day) for St. Maarten at 3:30pm.

Dawn II travels between Saba and Dock Maarten at Chesterfields Marina in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten three times a week. Offering service on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays departing from Saba at 6:30am and departing from Dock Maarten at 4:30pm. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure.


The island’s vegetation varies with distinctive zones which are related to altitude and precipitation. The top of Mt. Scenery is more often than not enshrouded by clouds resulting in a cloud-forest environment. At slightly lower elevations rain-forest vegetation is present. Humidity decreases as one descends and the vegetation reflects the drier climate. Plants and trees found close to shore have adapted to the salty environment.  

Mt. Scenery is the highest point in the Dutch Kingdom (877m or 2877ft) and is Saba’s dominant feature. Dense vegetation with a variety of species cover the summit and upper slopes. The Elfin Forest (cloud-forest) dominates the upper 50m (150ft) of the mountain and is comprised of Mountain Mahogany covered with Epiphytes, Orchids and a myriad of other unique and rare plants.

Just below the summit, Mountain Palms, Tree Ferns, Elephant Ears and Heliconias dominate. Secondary rainforest and dry evergreen forest are found lower down on the slopes. Species in this zone include Redwood, Sea Grape, White Cedar and Turpentine trees as well as Cacti species such as the Prickly pear. Closer to the sea, grassy meadows with scattered shrubs predominate. Steep cliffs and bluffs can be seen throughout the island with several sheer walls rising over 100m (330ft). Due to its rugged terrain, Saba does not have typical Caribbean beaches but there are several sandy bays that change with the prevailing ocean swells.


Saba’s plant and animal life is a mixture of native and introduced species. This occurred hundreds of years ago and it is very difficult for the average tourist to tell the difference today. Mango, banana, Black-Eyed Susan, tree frogs, goats and chickens were all brought to the island. Some of our endemic species are the Anoles lizards, found only on Saba, and Red-Bellied Racer Snakes (completely harmless).

Saba is home to over sixty species of birds, many of which are seabirds. Bridled Terns, Sooty Terns and Brown Noddies breed every year in late spring on Green Island. Red Billed (Saba is home to 12% of the worlds population of Red Bills) & White-Tailed Tropicbirds nest in the high cliffs while Frigate Birds and Brown Boobies soar near the coast. Other feathered visitors include the Common Ground Dove, Bridled Quail Dove, Red-tailed Hawks, Thrashers, Hummingbirds and Bananaquits.